How to Beat Stage Fright

Stage Fright

Everyone gets it at least once in their life. Not everyone is born with the gift of charisma or the lack of shame. It goes back to that cliche dream that supposedly everyone has where you’re in class and you’re not wearing pants and everyone is laughing at you. I’ve personally never had that dream, but I won’t judge.

So are there tricks to the trade? Maybe. These may not work for everyone but it helps The White Electric. In fact, we just don’t have stage fright anymore so I guess we’re doing something right.

Do you wear glasses? Take em off.


What’s the scariest thing about being on stage? People looking at you. That sucks. They don’t need to be staring. What can you do? Well if you’re blessed with poor vision like half of The White Electric, just take off your glasses. With glasses you’re gonna see a sea of people staring at you, judging you, thinking “my lord he’s the worst guitarist I’ve ever seen.” Without glasses it’s a sea of blurs. Blurs aren’t scary. Go ahead, take off your glasses now, are you scared? Nope, because blurs arent scary. Point for The White Electric.

Remember that the Audience is in YOUR Territory


People get all worried about how the audience will perceive them and if they’ll put on a good enough show. I get it, it’s all about showmanship and you want to put on the best show possible. But here’s a protip: you can literally do whatever you want on stage and the audience will think it’s part of the show. A very wise old guitar teacher once told me “if you ever mess up during a performance, don’t let it show. The audience will believe it’s part of the song.” DAMN RIGHT! That snare you hit just a little off beat? Totally a part of the song. That solo where your hand slipped and you hit the wrong note? Planned it, all day. This really opens up the door for acting like a maniac on stage. If you go up there with

This really opens up the door for acting like a maniac on stage. If you go up there with no confidence it will show. So get up there and show that you own that stage. If you’re afraid people might think your air kick is super lame then it’s gonna show in that air kick. Air kick with confidence. You could even air kick with fake confidence. If the crowd believes your air kick, they will believe you.

Did any of that make sense? It did to me… MOVING ON!

Have a Drink, or Eat a Banana


Have A drink. One drink. Singular.

Look, I’m not saying go out and get plastered, in fact, The White Electric is not telling you to consume too much alcohol. Just… you know… have a beer. A beer, singular. One beer won’t get you drunk, but it’ll give you a nice fuzzy feeling and it’ll shake those nerves. Stage beers are great too because not only are you nice and fuzzy, but you can maintain your fuzzy all the way to that last solo you forgot how to play. Beware of long island iced teas though. That delicious treat of an alcoholic beverage is more dangerous than if a full grown cougar was your bassist. Cougars can’t play bass… that’s the joke.

Oh and before I forget, you can eat a banana too. It’s not gonna get you fuzzy but the potasium will ease your nerves. Thats not The White Electric saying that, that’s science. Science is smarter than The White Electric.

The Bottom Line

Go out and have fun dude. Why get all worried about something you love to do? It’ll be a bit scary at first but you’ll get used to it and then you’ll really start to enjoy it.

Now go out there and play that polka!


Who is The White Electric?


Comprised of 4 band mates; Charles Plata (lead vocalist), John Ramos (lead guitar), Donny Eidson (drummer), and Ethan Ramos (bassist), the band’s ultimate goal is to “melt people’s faces off with their rock” and simply “play a damn good song”. Off to a pretty wicked start, The White Electric has made appearances at Fitzgerald’s, Jack’s Patio Bar, The Mix, and many more local venues a number of times. Add in opening up for Josiah Lemming and Lonely Horse to the list as well.
The band came together in June of 2015 and has been making their name in the city of San Antonio ever since. Originally consisting of an acoustic duo for years, The White Electric has grown into a full band and hasn’t looked back. They are influenced by a variety of music, some of which include; The Smiths, Toe, Local Natives and The Morning Benders.

Charles Plata


Lead singer, rhythm guitarist.

Starting off as a singer/songwriter, Charles bumped into John while carrying his guitar around at San Antonio College and since then has switched gears to a more indie rock sound. Most of The White Electric’s raw emotional sounds, intricate song changes, and moody hooks are all molded by Charles while noodling on his guitar by his lonesome.

John Ramos


Lead guitar, keys.

Coming from a strong music background, John wanted to make a bang in the music industry and chose guitar as his weapon. John combines his math rock influence with his classic rock training to provide tasty licks and mean riffs to The White Electric’s sound.

Donny Eidson



After his tour with the army and a very quiet solo project, Electrik Dynamite, Donny decided he wanted to pursue drumming in a band. He landed in San Antonio Texas and immediately started looking around to see which bands needed a drummer. There were two emails sent, one to Charles, and the other to a punk band. Charles answered first. Once Donny jammed with Charles and John he was admitted to the band. Donny adds a heavy rock influence to the band and channels his inner Dave Grohl whenever he’s behind his kit.

Ethan Ramos



Ethan joined the band at the young age of 15. Originally set to be a sit in bassist, Ethan proved he was skilled enough to be on stage and surpassed any expectations of him. In just a year Ethan has gone from a simple bassist who follows the rhythm, to an absolute powerhouse. This kid is now 16 and is better than most bassists twice his age.


Forming the band


John and Charles met at San Antonio College in 2012 while both were walking around with their guitars. They realized that they had a similar taste in music and wanted to see if they clicked as a band. They started jamming together on their free time which eventually lead to songwriting, which eventually lead to forming a band called The Flight. What started off as an acoustic duo tearing up venues around San Antonio grew into a full band with bassists and drummers coming in and out. Through many shows and great

What started off as an acoustic duo tearing up venues around San Antonio grew into a full band with bassists and drummers coming in and out. Through many shows and great confidence, The Flight decided to take their act on the road only to have the tour cut short due to personal tragedy. Heartbroken and lost, the band decided to go on an indefinite hiatus.

After 4 years in the Army, 3 of which were spent in Germany, Donny did something he’d been wanting to do for 4 years. He went on Craigslist and browsed the musician ads for any band needing a drummer. He messaged a few bands in hopes of collaboration but didn’t have much luck. Finally, after what felt like a lifetime Donny got a response from two bands who needed a drummer. One was a punk band wanting to get back on stage, the other was The Flight. The punk band ended up taking too long to reply so Donny packed up his set in hopes to find a home with The Flight.

The acoustic duo had a full band once again. Donny proved to be valuable behind the drums, and John’s brother Ethan showed that even though he was young, he could play the shit out of his bass. The first day they jammed a song was written and is still played to this day, that song is Maybe.

Why “The White Electric?”


The first three months that the band was together there was inner turmoil. What would the band be called? It felt wrong to keep the name The Flight, and every suggestion came up short. They decided that the best way to decide the name was to let fate decide, so they did what anyone would do when tempting fate. They turned on Super Smash Bros, selected 8 Kirby’s at max level, gave each Kirby a band name, and let them fight. In what was quite possibly the band’s most electrifying hour, they sat and watched in hopes of a decent band name. After a long first round the name “The Tartpops” was eliminated, given all four of the members relief. After 3 rounds it finally got down to the final two, Silver Branches versus The White Electric. The band knocked on fate’s door, and fate answered. The White Electric effortlessly beat down Silver Branches and now it is the band’s identity


What Now?

After a year and a half of writing and playing shows, the band retreats into its cave to write the EP everyone has been waiting for.

Stay tuned.